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Advanced Condylography Tutorial

 Dieses Tutorial ist ein spezielles 4-tägiges Seminar. Da das Tutorial in Englisch abgehalten wird, sind auch die Informationen dazu in Englisch.

Clinical Instrumental Analysis (Condylography) has been proven to be an important part of the diagnostic approach in interdisciplinary dentistry. The non-invasive method of Condylography
monitors the patient-individual movement of the mandible within 6 deg of freedom. In the center of the interest stands the translator and rotatory component of hinge-axis movement. This movements are relation to a standardized craniomandibular coordinate system (hinge-axis-orbital coordinate system) based on the zero point (Hinge-axis position of the mandible when mandible is controlled in RP).

Condylography recordings are useful to program condylar housing of semi- and full-adjustable articulators according to the patient-individual moment patterns. The data may also be used to judge the mobility and motility of the TMJs. Based on standardized so-called boarder movements (Protrusion, Mediotrusion R&L, Open/Close) a clinical-instrumental preliminary assessment of the functional status can be performed, habitual functional movements (Bruxing, Speech, Swallow, etc.) can be analyzed and possibly integrated into instrumental analysis in the articulator.


Seminar layout:

This 4-day seminar is divided into 2 parts:

Part A (day 1 and 2):
Clinical procedures of Condylography

Lecturer: Dr. Elod Ury and team

This first part of the course will take place mostly in hands-on session including short theory spots on
important topics. The course participants are split in different groups with max. 4-5 students learning
in detailed the advanced procedures or clinical Condylography. Each group has a clinical trainer and is
supervised by Dr. Ury.

The clinical training includes:
• Theoretic background of Condylography
• Preparation of workspace and computer
• Mounting of functional occlusal clutch system
• Mounting of face-bow system
• Hinge-axis location
• Reference Position
• Face-bow geometry
• Recording of condylographic movement
• Clinical diagnostics and manipulation techniques
• Recording of CPM
• RP marking on skin
• Mounting casts to the articulator according to true hinge-axis
• Data saving and basic analysis


Part B (day 3 and 4):
Condylography diagnostics

Lecturer: Dr. Elod Ury and Prof. Sadao Sato

The second part of the seminar is lectured by Prof. Sadao Sato. The lecture takes place in a seminar
room and is mostly a classroom lecture. Prof. Sato combines and extensive experience in treatment
of dysfunctional patients with more than 25 years of using Condylography diagnostics.

This seminar includes the following topics:
• TMJ anatomy, including related structure
• TMJ pathologies
• The importance of Hinge-axis
• Basic principles of Condylography diagnostics
• Advanced diagnostic considerations
• Condylography on based of the individual patient case
• TMJ and Occlusion
• Adaptation and Compensation
• Condylography aspects in treatment planning
• Practical examples and discussion


2022 PART A:   29. Oct - 30. Oct 2022
2022 PART B:   31. Oct - 01. Nov 2022 

Course fee: 

Part A: 1.500.-- Euro

Part B: 1.000.-- Euro

Bundle Price: 2.300.-- Euro (Book Part A + B in a row)

Course language:


Nr. of participants:

To guarantee intensive and effective lessons,

the maximum number of participants has to be limited.


The participants will be awarded a VieSID certificate.


The course will take place in Vienna.


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