Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine

Keynote Seminare

From Occlusion Diagnostics to Initial Splint Therapy

mit Dr. Elod Ury und Thomas Haberl

Any kind of invasive treatment of the masticatory organ without a proper prior diagnosis is irresponsible and dangerous. Systematic functional diagnostics in our everyday practice is mandatory if not obligatory.

The conventional analog method of transferring patient information to semi- or fully adjustable articulators involves several clinical and laboratory steps. These steps are followed by a detailed static and dynamic occlusal analysis of the gypsum casts in the programmed articulators, as part of the puzzle to understand the individuality of every patient.

The widespread use of digital technology and computer-assisted techniques in dentistry has led to considerable changes, including the creation of the virtual dental patient (VDP). Instead of the conventional procedure, direct or indirect digital workflows can be used to transfer a patient's data into a virtual articulator. The indirect digital workflow represents an intermediate option between the analog and direct digital methods and seems to be still more accurate than the direct digital procedure.

The goal of the seminar is showing the step by step procedures of the indirect method from the diagnosis to the splint therapy in the virtual dental space.

Das Programm:

Introduction and general considerations to 3D dentistry and VieSID
Preparations, RP-Models, Mountings, Coordinate System correlations
Scanning adaptations and procedures
Getting Models into the Software
Model handling and storage
General usage and interface of the Software
Tooth segmentation and digital work preparation
3D-digitizing of tooth morphology
numeric & graphic occlusal analysis
Static occlusal protocol on RP Models
Diagnostic and Therapeutic consideration
Case examples

Correlation of 3D occlusion to the dynamic
recordings of lower jaw movements

Dynamic occlusal protocol
Diagnostic and Therapeutic consideration
Case examples
Static occlusal protocol on ICP Models
Diagnostic and Therapeutic consideration
Comparison of results to the RP Models
Correlation to findings in Brux-Checker
and clinical Occlusogram records
Digital Condyle Position Measure (CPM)
Usage of digital Condyle Position Variator (CPV)
Correlation to findings in CADIAX analysis
Exporting of data into third party software
Splint design and manufacturing

Datum:  18. Sep - 19. Sep 2021

Anmeldung: Ausgebucht

Vortragende: Dr. Elod Ury / Thomas Haberl

Ort: University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, Sensengasse 2, 1090 Vienna

Kursgebühr: 890,- Euro