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VieSID-Congress Latin America

On November 28 an Online-Congress from VieSID in cooperation with CSUCA will be held.

 The Congress "VieSID Latin America congress: Introduction of Evidence Based, Interdisciplinary and Medical approach in Dentistry" will completely be held in Spanish and is free of charge. The Medium you can watch it on is Zoom.

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 The program:

VieSID Latin America Congress

Moderation: D. Ovando

C. Slavicek 
D. Ovando

Adress of welcome, Introduction of VieSID

C. Alvarado      International cooperation in education and science in interdisciplinary dentistry (VieSID/CSUCA)

S. Sato The new Occlusion Concept - why do we need occlusal medicine

M. Assis    
Concept of New Gnathology: From CR to Reference Position

N. Dominguez     
L. Camarago

Step by step diagnostics: A prerequisite in the interdisciplinary treatment planning of complex patient problems

E. Ury

The power of Instrumental and Clinical Instrumental Analysis

D. Storino

 Cranio-Mandibular System and Posture 

C. Basili Assessement of Bruxism (is it a function or a para-function)

N. Oppermann    Early treatment under VieSID concept

S. Thunert Occlusal design in prosthetic rehabilitation therapy according to functional and aesthetic parameters

A. Londono Orthodontic therapy according to VieSID concept: interceptive orthodontics, treatment of dysfunctional cases, pre-prosthetic orthodontics

D. Ovando Closing comments